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Frank Hearne

Mechanik Nuccio Hearne & Wester
Attorney and Chairman Environmental Practice Group
Tampa, FL
I am an environmental lawyer who has more than 50 years experience in environmental matters as an engineer, biologist, consultant and lawyer. I here been involved in the Florida Brownfields Association from the time it was conceived and was a founding member. Today, I serve on the Board of Directors and as Co-chair of the Technical Committee. Our virtual conference this year promises to be a good one and I look forward to Pensacola in April!  I am always willing to share a glass of wine with old friends and to meet new ones. Look me up! You can reach me at 813 760-2570.  See you there virtually this year and in person in April 2022! Be sure to also meet our older son, Travis Moore Hearne, who is now practicing environmental law with me at Mechanik Nuccio Hearne & Wester.