avatar for Raymond Dennis, III, PWS, FAA Remote Pilot

Raymond Dennis, III, PWS, FAA Remote Pilot

Stantec Consulting Inc.
Principal, Environmental Services
Tampa, FL
For over 26 years, Mr. Dennis has dedicated his career to assisting clients in achieving their project objectives while protecting and restoring natural resources. The focus of Mr. Dennis’s scientific training and experience has been on coastal and freshwater wetland ecology, regulatory policy, habitat restoration, and wildlife management. His experience includes comprehensive project environmental impact assessments requiring the detailed study of environmental features and baseline conditions, including the identification of important biological systems, protected flora and fauna and their habitats, surface and ground water quality, soils, and community issues as well as habitat restoration design and implementation. Raymond is one of Stantec’s coastal restoration Subject Matter Experts (SME) and is particularly recognized for his innovations in methodology relative to coastal restoration and transplantation of submerged aquatic vegetation, for which he has published articles on these techniques and patented specialized equipment. He is also recognized for providing creative solutions that have saved millions of dollars in mitigation costs as well as reduced permitting timelines on large scale projects involving significant impacts to protected resources and has worked on various coastal habitat assessment and restoration projects throughout Florida and the Gulf Coast of the United States and has international experience working on projects in Jamaica, Qatar, Israel, and British Columbia. As a certified Federal Aviation, Administration (FAA) Remote Pilot, Raymond has been integrating small, unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) or drone-based services into Stantec.