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Dave Tomasko

Environmental Science Associates
Principal Associate
Tampa, FL
David Tomasko is an Environmental Consultant with more than 30 years of experience related to water quality assessments and the development of science-based resource management plans. Dr. Tomasko’s projects have resulted in the development of water quality and natural resource restoration projects in a variety of locations, and his documentation of the source(s) of ecological problems has led to multi-million dollar and successful restoration efforts in numerous lakes and estuaries. David has been involved with the development of water quality management plans for waterbodies in Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, California, the Caribbean Basin, and the Middle East. David has more than 50 articles or book chapters published in internationally-distributed and peer-reviewed scientific journals or scentific publications. Prior to joining ESA, Dr. Tomasko was a Principal Scientist with Atkins North America and prior to that, he was the Manager of the Environmental Section of the Southwest Florida Water Management District.